Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday 8th December 2009

Another mad day at work, the children are really excited already, we've had Christmas Lunch this week spread over 2 days to make it a little easier on the catering staff.
Tomorrow we're supposed to be finishing our boxes for our sweet that we have designed in PPA time oh and making the sweets too!!!
Not sure it's a good idea, 25 children and a large bowl of melted chocolate - but I'm sure they'll love making a mess although I'm not sure if the cleaners will be too pleased.

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  1. ROFL! noooo! The cleaners will not be pleased but ignore them! If the children have a great time that's all that matters!
    Oh the joys of littlies and Christmas - I remember it well.
    Enjoy Donna!
    Sue xx

  2. your so lucky doodles, as your children are all grown like mine. and christmas isnt the same now, until the grandchildren come down. then its christmas!!. but you have all the little ones around you every day, being in the centre of there there excitedness (is that even a word? lol it is now) i bet its fab, and your enjoying every minute.
    gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. oh sounds like fun donna, can I join in please????

    maria x