Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing all of my friends on Docrafts a very healthy, happy new year filled with fun, laughter and STASH!!!
I intend to be nicer to me throughout the coming year, spend more time doing things I'd like to do and generally having fun.
I'm waiting patiently for my sizzix order to arrive, hopefully it'll be here before I have to go back to work on Monday.

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Sunday, 27 December 2009

George's Christmas Trifle!!!!

Here is a lovely picture of the trifle George made for dessert tonight.
He had a little help from grandad to put the creamy topping on then decorated it all himself.

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Sunday 27th December 2009

Well Christmas has been and gone and the house is a mess. Tomorrow I'm thinking of taking the tree down as it takes up too much space and with all the new toys there's not a lot of room to move.

I've tried all day to spend loads of cash in the sizzix sale but can't seem to get past the first page! For some reason my husband seems pretty pleased about it, I can't for the life of me understand why.
I've spent over an hour making this look a bit more normal, I've taken off the Christmas countdown, changed my visitor counter and my clock but I'm still not too happy with it.
I've visited about 10 different sites for backgrounds and can't find any I like :(

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Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday 18th December 2009

Finally the holidays are here, it has been a very tough 3 days!
I still have loads to do to get organised, like trying on the dress I bought tonight for OH's Christmas 'do' tomorrow night - it clashes with Strictly and I'm not pleased.
Still, a few days to chill or if the football is still on on Sunday to FREEZE and I'll be sorted.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wednesday 16th December 2009

Only 2 more days at work then I'm off until the 4th January :)
It was a little bit hectic today as we're trying to make winter wonderland gardens all 22 children at once and just me!
Tomorrow we have the final run through for our candlelit carol service on Friday and I'm still trying to put the programme together for it.

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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Saturday 12th December 2009

The boys' accounts are sorted. Mind you it took over an hour for them to do all of the paperwork.
We just had to pop into 'Greggs' for a sausage roll afterwards :)
The boys are having a nap  and then it'll be time to tackle the tree.
I looked everywhere for a new star to go on the top but I can't find one anywhere - ah well the old one will just have to be tied on again this year and hope it'll last another Christmas.
Time for a quick snuggle under the fleece until the boys wake up
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Friday, 11 December 2009

Friday 11th December 2009

A blog award for Gina

Hello Gina please let me be the first to present you with a blog award.
Well done for accepting your challenge and for completing it so quickly. Sorry I wasn't that much help :)
To collect your award simply copy and save onto your computer the add to your blog in a posting.
You must list 5 reasons why you think you will be a fantastic blogger next year and pass onto 5 friends.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday 8th December 2009

Another mad day at work, the children are really excited already, we've had Christmas Lunch this week spread over 2 days to make it a little easier on the catering staff.
Tomorrow we're supposed to be finishing our boxes for our sweet that we have designed in PPA time oh and making the sweets too!!!
Not sure it's a good idea, 25 children and a large bowl of melted chocolate - but I'm sure they'll love making a mess although I'm not sure if the cleaners will be too pleased.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday 6th December 2009

Hi again, blimey 2 posts in one day. That has to be a record I think.
Maria I loved the countdown that I saw on your site so much that I pinched it from you, hope you don't mind too much :)
I've managed to craft a little and to prepare loads of stuff for work today, all in all a good day.
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Sunday 6th December 2009

Oh My!  Look at me posting 2 days in a row!
Today is football day and as usual H's team were fab.
Another match and another win, we stood in the pouring rain and freezing cold to watch them win 10-0.
I've never seen H playing in attack as he's usually either in defence on in goal but today he was all over the pitch.
His tackles were spot on and he almost scored his first goal!
If you'd like to look at their season so far please feel free to click on this link to the team website You will need to click on the mini soccer link and then on the unders 8's link.
Hopefully when I've finished preparing memory card activities for work I'll be able to get a little crafting done today.
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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday 5th December 2009

OMG! how difficult can it be to open 3 savings accounts?
Well I'll tell you it is almost impossible, we took the 3 boys into town do this as it is part of their Chrimbo pressie and they're excited at saving up for their own cars (a way to go yet I know) but we thought we'd give it a go.
Abbey - sorry no appointments today, you can wait for half an hour and see. To which we replied can we book a slot and come back in half an hour?
No, we can photo copy the paperwork and you can come back another day....

Halifax - we have no-one to serve today but you can ring and begin the process and we can finish off after the account is open, ok we'll give it a go we said.
25 minutes later and we were getting nowhere fast. Knew it would be a disaster when the blokey on the end of the phone said "Where is the person registered for voting?" We explained yet again that H is only 7.
We gave up after another 15 minutes and went across the road.
The Brittania had a lovely lady who said I can photocopy the birth certificates and begin the process now and if you take the forms home and complete them and bring them back in the week we'll finish the paperwork and give you the pass books there and then.
So we had 3 forms ready to fill in and 6 very exhausted and annoyed people who came home and crashed until 4:30 pm.

Oh the joys of getting ready for Christmas - the boys wanted to put the tree up today that'll have to wait until Wednesday evening now.

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Blog Award

Thank you Maria for my blog award,  I promise I will try to be a better blogger (well I'll try).
Ok my 5 people who I'm sending to are:

Hannah (my daughter - hers makes me laugh out loud at times!)

I'm going to owe 2 because I started this and don't have many blogs on my list, I'm waiting for Gina to get going on hers.
Her New Years Resolution is to have a blog by the end of January 2010 !!!