Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday 5th December 2009

OMG! how difficult can it be to open 3 savings accounts?
Well I'll tell you it is almost impossible, we took the 3 boys into town do this as it is part of their Chrimbo pressie and they're excited at saving up for their own cars (a way to go yet I know) but we thought we'd give it a go.
Abbey - sorry no appointments today, you can wait for half an hour and see. To which we replied can we book a slot and come back in half an hour?
No, we can photo copy the paperwork and you can come back another day....

Halifax - we have no-one to serve today but you can ring and begin the process and we can finish off after the account is open, ok we'll give it a go we said.
25 minutes later and we were getting nowhere fast. Knew it would be a disaster when the blokey on the end of the phone said "Where is the person registered for voting?" We explained yet again that H is only 7.
We gave up after another 15 minutes and went across the road.
The Brittania had a lovely lady who said I can photocopy the birth certificates and begin the process now and if you take the forms home and complete them and bring them back in the week we'll finish the paperwork and give you the pass books there and then.
So we had 3 forms ready to fill in and 6 very exhausted and annoyed people who came home and crashed until 4:30 pm.

Oh the joys of getting ready for Christmas - the boys wanted to put the tree up today that'll have to wait until Wednesday evening now.

Thanks for stopping by have a lovely day xx


  1. life is never simple donna...

    I have trouble as steven cannot sign, been great fun since he was 16 and nearly 3 years on, still no better...

    maria x

  2. What a trial Donna - why is nothing ever as simple as it should be?
    Hope you have a relaxing evening!
    Sue xx

  3. Crumbs, time was you just filled a form in...and needed no paperwork at all, and hey presto you had an account! Im so glad you found a nice lady in the end Doodles!
    Sue x