Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Blog Award

Thank you Maria for my blog award,  I promise I will try to be a better blogger (well I'll try).
Ok my 5 people who I'm sending to are:

Hannah (my daughter - hers makes me laugh out loud at times!)

I'm going to owe 2 because I started this and don't have many blogs on my list, I'm waiting for Gina to get going on hers.
Her New Years Resolution is to have a blog by the end of January 2010 !!!


  1. Gina needs one by jan 1st 2010 you mean.

    Thanks for the award hunni

  2. WTG Donna! I wnted to give you this award but was beaten to it!
    Agree with Sall - Gina needs a blog by 01/01/2010!lol
    Sue xx

  3. pleased you liked your award donna...

    and gina has a blog (since yesterday), she just needs to write on it now, lol...

    maria x