Sunday, 4 July 2010

My costumes for the school production

As you can see I've been a busy bee, in the last 2 weeks I've been making costumes for the Year 6 production of the Wizard of Oz.
So far I've repaired 1 Glinda dress, made 2 Dorothy dresses as the main part is split between 2 girls.
1 Witch dress, 1 Auntie Em dress, 8 waistcoats so far - still busy making the Narrators' ones, and they are VERY eye-catching!!!
I also have 2 cloaks, 2 tree outfits and the Tin Man to make. With just over 8 days to go I should make it - fingers crossed.

The Gatekeeper and The Wizard

Rascal, Scamp and Chip

The 3 main Munchkins

The Witch without the cloak

Shorter Dorothy
Taller Dorothy
Auntie Em

They don't look great hung on my door but they look lovely on the children
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