Sunday, 10 June 2012

Oh My Word - it's finally finished!!!

Well today after nearly 3 and a half years I finally finished my eldest Grandson's first album.
When I started I had a plain album designed to be decorated by me, but I didn't like the way it opened, the front cover creased every time the cover was opened.
So I looked for a new one - months passed whilst I looked everywhere. During this time I also decided I didn't like the colours I had originally chosen so I bought new papers, reprinted the photos and started again.

Still looking for an album to put it in I went away for the weekend with my lovely OH, we stopped off at the Clark's Village there was a dinky little craft shop there and lo and behold in box marked water damaged items was the album I had been searching for - the damage? a tiny dent in the bottom of the front and back cover just under the ric-rac braiding, so small you can barely see it!
I was over the moon, got it home and then it hit me I hated the way my pages looked with the new album. My problem was that for my son's book (H's Daddy) I had used Making Memories Sam range and I loved it to bits, so after weeks scouring ebay I found 2 large and 1 small packs of the Making Memories Ethan range, having ordered it I spend days looking for the postie.
This past week I have, with help now from H who is now 10 , he designed one double LO himself, been able to finish it.

The only problem is the other two now want their first books started too!!!
I wonder how long they'll take???

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