Sunday, 27 February 2011

They Call me Reece But I'm The Boss - The CAKE BOSS!

Well the final project of the holidays is finished, Yesterday Reece made the first batch and left me to do the rest.
As you can see from his slide show he concentrated so hard on mixing them that he had to go and play on the Wii to rest- another typical bloke!

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Volcano Is Finished - At Last

Well today H finally put the finishing touches to his masterpiece.
He has been working on his volcano for several weekends now, with a little help from his Dad and from me (I had to do the messy, sticky bits!) he is now ready to take it into school on Monday.
He made a PowerPoint presentation to explain how he made this creation - leaving out the help he had and claiming it all as his own work!!! - typical bloke.
Here is a slideshow of his hard work

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Finally some crafting has been done in my house!

 Over the past two days I have finally managed to make 6 birthday cards and a double layout of my eldest grandson at his awards ceremony.

I'm just waiting for everything to dry before I take pictures of the layout but I have managed to take some halfway decent pictures of my cards.

Turtle made from papers from the Making Cards magazine

Another one from the same papers - I love the first one
Made with freebie download of Daisy & Dandelion and freebie papers

Another set of freebie papers and a free CuddlyBuddly download
Cut the card far too short for the card I was intending to make, salvaged it and made this

Eldest grandson asked me to make this - when I asked who he wanted it for he said "I just want to see what it looks like when it's finished Nan."
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Problems with my blog today

Today I tried to post on here and Mozilla wouldn't let me upload anything, then my Photobucket slideshows had disappeared.
SO I deleted the post, have found my original post in my saved files on the computer and here goes again.
I'm trying Internet Explorer for this attempt and I'll try to upload the pictures again.

Here's what the original post said -
Today I managed a little crafting between trying to tidy the house and baking cookies for the football match tomorrow.

Recently, I went to the opticians and they were throwing out a lovely little box, I told them it was criminal to throw such a sweet box away, anyway I rescued it, brought it home and put it on my desk.
After a little thought and a mega search through my papers I found what I was looking for and decorated the top and sides with my beautiful black and white papers. I then added a length of lush red ribbon, tied a bow that turned out right the first time of trying and added 6 little flower buttons to the ends.
I'm really pleased with the results and the fact that it holds all of my sakura pens so I can use them, instead of them being stuffed in the cupboard in a scrappy bag.

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Time For A Change

I've been blog hopping a lot over the past few weeks and have decided that mine was looking unloved AGAIN!

So I've had a good look round and have decied that this time I'll go for shades of blue and mustard - well I guess that's the colour.

After a long time of being green and orange I must confess to being a bit bored with it so I popped over to ALL of the free backgound sites and looked and looked until I found this one - now that I think about it it may even be the one I had when I first started blogging!
I'll need to find a pretty new banner to add to the end of my posts now but that shouldn't be too difficult.

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