Sunday, 27 February 2011

They Call me Reece But I'm The Boss - The CAKE BOSS!

Well the final project of the holidays is finished, Yesterday Reece made the first batch and left me to do the rest.
As you can see from his slide show he concentrated so hard on mixing them that he had to go and play on the Wii to rest- another typical bloke!

Thank you for looking and any comments you wish to make


  1. oh wow they look fab, i wouldnt mind one of them reece with a cup of tea please, no sugar.
    well done reece and well done nannie icing them all up.
    hugs gina xxxxxx

  2. They look really yummy!
    Well done to both of you.
    Hugs xx

  3. OH they look so yummy, send some down here please reece...

    well done nanny and reece...xx

    maria xx

  4. Oooh yummy! Well done Reece! Suzie xxx :)