Monday, 27 May 2013

At Last My March Challenge Layout

It has taken me such a long time to be able to do this layout, the theme was Vintage and I wanted to use some old black and white pictures I had, but my Daughter borrowed them for her family tree and now I can't find them anywhere.

I have chosen 2 pictures of my Grandad for this layout and have called it 'A Perfect Vintage'. Sadly my Grandad passed away in 2009 and until now I have not been able to bring myself to make a layout with his picture on, but I am finally coming to terms with losing him and this is a tiny tribute to a very special man.
The pictures all over the page are things that meant something to him, or to members of my immediate family and on the back of the first page I have added a sheet of paper with my reasons for choosing each picture. Some of them relate to his hobbies or where he worked and some are special to us, for example the false teeth, he used to push out his bottom teeth and scare me half to death when I was little, he did the same to my Son and Daughter and my Grandsons too.

Thank you for looking and any comments you wish to make 


  1. What a lovely tribute to your granddad.

  2. A beautiful tribute i love the photos and the extra memory images
    carol x

  3. Such a lovely layout, I love how you have added the little memories, a very special tribute to your grandad.
    Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment
    Janet x

  4. Wonderful memories you have created. Love the layouts.

    Regards diane

  5. What a lovely keep sake, nice pages you;ve done

  6. Sorry i'm a bit late with the blog hop but I've had a busy weekend

    Fabulous layout and ovely photo's of your granddad

    Lorna xx

  7. Beautiful pictures of your Granddad and a lovely keep sake for years to come...Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too...Julieannex

  8. Thank you for your kind comments ladies, I enjoyed visiting all of your blogs

  9. Donna well done on finally being able to do these fab LOs of your beloved granddad, it took me 8 years to do a LO after losing my dad. Your LOs tell us about him as a person, his hobbies and passions and are fascinating, your children and grandchildren will treasure your work and journaling about him and help them know him through your words and memories, Fi xx