Thursday, 7 January 2010

Thursday 7th January 2010

WOW another snow day :)
We've had a fab morning playing in the snow, it's still too soft to make a snowman but we had great fun trying.
We played snow tig! and ran around on the new untouched snow outside of the house.
The boys made snow angels, nanny is a little bit too OLD for that!
Now we're watching Happy Feet and all snug and warm indoors.
The boys have school tomorrow but I'm not sure if 'my' school is open.

Have a safe day and thanks for stopping by


  1. no one is ever too old to make snow angels lol Sounds like you had a fun day. Just to let you know Ive added your name and link to my blog to say you are joining in the monthly challenge 2010 and Im now following your blog :)

    T x

  2. sounds a good day donna, and agree with tania you're never too old to make snow angels, lol... fingers cross for another snow day tomorrow for 'you'...

    maria x