Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday 31st January 2010

Ok where has the month gone?
Who stole all the days?
I can't believe it's almost February, well today was another stunning display of football from the little lads.
H was in goal in the first half, as our regular goalie is still poorly. H kept a clean sheet during his half and made some fantastic saves, although his new socks were filthy within minutes of getting there!
He swapped with another player for the 2nd half, the other team scored 2 goals, then our goalie went down in a nasty crunching tackle. Luckily he's ok, feel better soon Lewis xxx
We swapped another player into goal for the last few minutes and they scored again but we kept on playing well and scored again to make the final score 6-3.
I'm still frozen to the core but slowly beginning to defrost, if only OH could leave the door closed!
Well I'd better make an offer to help cooking dinner although OH does a great job of it :)
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  1. well done H and the team, another brilliant win....

    hope you've warmed up by now donna, and yes where did january go?

    maria x

  2. well done H, your team are doing really well this season.
    i hope your bath and a sunday roast warmed you up doodles.
    hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxxx