Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday 2nd January 2010

Today the boys went home and the house feels empty and far too quiet without them here.
We've been looking at new furniture this afternoon and I like 3 suites, my favourite one of all of them is a very pale stone colour. I'm stuck now trying to make up my mind, the stone one is bigger than the other 2 but it is so comfortable and feels warm when you sit on it.
I think we need to go and look at all 3 suites again tomorrow, who knows maybe I'll be able to make up my mind!!!

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  1. good luck with your suite shopping donna, my daughter has started looking for her house, I keep reminding her to make sure it will fit through the door, as all new to her, lol..

    don't forget some photos, in fact take photos and we're help you choose, lol...

    hugs and sparkles for your quiet house
    maria x