Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday 27th September 2009

Another win at football for my big grandson's team, today was a  hard fought match but the boys played well together.
My darling was defense for 1st half and in goal for the 2nd. He let in a penalty but almost saved it, he had his hand on the ball but it just rolled over the top of the other hand bless him.
The middle one starts football training next weekend in the under 6's - he's such a tiny scrap but really fast on his feet. His first whole week of school has knocked him out poor mite.
Meanwhile the littly has had 2 days in Nursery and goes back for 2 more this week before starting all morning every day the week after, he's grumpy cos he can't go in sooner.
No crafting for me again, too busy trying to save mod roc masks that the children in my enrichment afternoon have been trying to make. Oh and making named leaves for the reading tree.


  1. Well done to your grandson's football team.
    Sounds like a busy w/end for you Donna.
    Sue xx

  2. well done to grandson 1, and hope middle one settles in school and footy quickly... and hope littlen has a fun time all next week at nursery...

    maria x