Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday 13th September 2009

Today was my eldest grandson's first match of the season.
And what a match it was, they won 11 - 0.
Last year started well for them but they all got hit by the flu bug one after the other, and they only had enough players to just make a team each week.
The poor little lambs lost so many games and got so disheartened it was heartbreaking to watch them each week, but then they won a game and it was fantastic to see their spirits rise.
Today they charged onto the field and owned it for the whole game. My Harry was in defence for the 1st half and in goal for the 2nd - not that he had much to do!
The goalie on the other team did a great job though, as the boys were all over him, he barely had time to get back to his feet before they were at the goalmouth again.
Hopefully they'll win loads of games again this season, and on the thought my middle grandson Reece wants to join the under 6's he's such a tiny scrap but so fast on his feet.
That just leaves George and we'll need something for him to do, he's only 3 and thinks he can do everything the other 2 do.

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