Monday, 20 August 2012

And The Fun Begins Again ...

Well it's happened again, I bought an album to make my middle Grandson's baby album a few years ago.
I got it from that well known auction site and when it arrived I had a quick look but didn't completely unpack the box.
I thought it was about time to start on Reece's book, so I got it out of the cupboard, unpacked the box and was horrified to find that the book was almost completely faded except for the corners which were still bright yellow. I think it may have been in a shop window for a while before I bought it.

The leather effect ribbon was crooked and peeling off - another disaster was close to happening. I searched for several days online for another album, the trouble was that Reece is not a pale blue boy, he's an in your face as bright as possible boy. He had chosen his papers for the book (K&CO Hopscotch for Boys)
I found a stunning album in the USA but they do not ship to the UK, so I had an idea !!!
I took all the embellishments off of the book.

I covered the front and back with a large sheet of thin craft foam to hide the bumps after I had sanded the rough sticky tape off and took a trip to Hobbycraft, I had a little chat with the lady serving me and mentioned that every time Reece comes with me he goes home with a bump or cut, from either falling over stuff in the aisles or walking into display units, our local shop is not very child friendly. Eventually I managed to get her to move the fabric over just a few inches so that I knew I would have enough to play with without having to buy another metre of fabric.
So over the past two days I have cut, hemmed and stuck the fabric to the covers and spine and this is how it looks now.

Front and Back Cover

Inside of Front and Back Cover

I love it and I hope Reece will too.

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