Wednesday, 25 May 2011

OH Boy!

 Hello again from me the BAD blogger
I have Labyrinthitis - an inner ear thing which is making me so very dizzy at the moment.
I have managed to stay awake for 2 hours in a row now, which is a miracle today and to sit upright for 30 minutes - boy this is such a relief as I'm fed up of lying down all the time.
I have managed to spend money on stash since I have been home thanks to the lovely Sue-Bubbles for the information in the past year on how to stash buy whilst under the influence of
A) medication, 
B) deprived of sleep (not me today!), or
C) just because you can still ebay when lying down - a laptop helps in this case, a desktop pc is far too heavy to have on your lap :) :)

My purchases include:
Button stew -  bag of mixed buttons
Lots of lovely ribbons
Some new flower dies from CuddlyBuddly

There are loads of other things I've looked at but OH keeps taking his wallet to work :( but I have PayPal he he he 

Time for another lie down and some more painkillers, anti-sickness tabs and a handful of vitamins

Thank you for stopping by and any comments you wish to make

1 comment:

  1. sorry to hear you're not too good donna, sending you tons of sparkles and hope you are feeling better soon...

    but on a PLUS SIDE, sue will be so proud of you with your stash buying though, well done and look forward to seeing it when it all arrives...

    take care..xx

    maria xx